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June 2017

The MR Marine Group is always thriving to improve its premiere products OUTABCK TV and OCEAN TV.  As we are the manufacturer it is possible to do this, and can do this in a relatively short time period.

Over a period of time due to dealer and customer suggestions a number of improvements are made, most cannot be seen but they are there. 

The second quarter of 2017 is the introduction of the Outback TV RV85A Series 2.

Although relatively unchanged, Series 2 brings together several minor but important Firmware improvements, a few hardware changes and in the 4th quarter 2017 the introduction of a new IDU (Indoor Unit).  Most of these of these changes were also introduced into the later Series 1 Antennas.


Renaming of DEPLOY and STOW, to SEARCH and CLOSE.  This was due to requests from Dealers.
2. The saving of the last GPS and Dish Angle when the antenna is closed.  This helps to reduce time for the second search in the same location.

1. A small hole is now drilled in the dish to allow for better drainage of water when the antenna is closed
2. The OUTBACK TV Logo and Lizard is Laser Cut into the Dish support arm.
3. The Quad LNB now has right angled F-Type Connectors on cables connecting to it
4. Extra seals have been added to the lower control unit around the base, and drainage holes added in the base of the unit.

The photo to the left shows the new OUTBACK TV RV85A Series two on the factory floor in production.

The new Laser Cut Logo can clearly be seen in the Dish Support Arm, as well as the foam seal around the LNB Casing.


A new IDU will be introduced in the third quarter of 2017. And will be available as an option for series 1 models.

The new IDU features:
1. A new "two part" remote design. Control Unit and Remote Control Panel.
2. WiFi built into the IDU for an easy upgrade path for future Firmware Improvements and Updates.
3. The ability to mount the IDU close to the antenna, and then Panel Mount the LCD Display Control Unit in a  more accessible area.  The two units are linked via a Cat 6 Network Cable, and can be up to 10m long.

The photo above shows a preproduction unit, being tested in Sydney.  The new two part IDU can be clearly seen, with teh remote panel mount IDU Control Unit.


May 2017

Fire and Rescue installed two OUTBACK TV RV60A Antennas to their Mobile Command Centre trucks.  These antennas provide the latest news and weather details via Foxtel and VAST Free to Air Receivers to the centres.

The Mobile Command Centres (MCCs) provide a platform for FRNSW Incident Management Teams (IMT) and inter-agency liaison officers to command, control and coordinate the response and recovery phases during major emergencies and events.

MCCs provide IMT officers with advanced information and communications technology systems adapted for incident management. They also provide meeting and workspaces for command, operations, planning, logistics and media officers.


May 2017

A milestone for the MR Marine Group, with combined sales of OUTBACK TV and OCEAN TV during the month of May reaching 32 units, more than 1 per day.

Sales were all over Australia, with all models being sold including OCEAN TV O60HD to Port Lincoln in SA, Strahan in Tasmania and Airlee Beach and Cairns in QLD, OCEAN TV O45HD to Perth and Mandurah in WA, Gold Coast and Airlee Beach in Qld, Melbourne and Lake Eildon in Vic.  OUTBACK TV sales included the factories of Kimberly Kampers and Halen Vans, Tasmania, NSW, Qld, and WA customers.

We thank all of our customers and dealers for these sales.

December 2016

Wild Planet Off-Road Expedition Motorhomes has partnered with Outback TV for supply of Satellite TV antennas for their vehicles.

Wildplanet aim is to design an all wheel drive vehicle that is engineered to the highest standards to provide a safe , comfortable and enjoyable vehicle to transverse the Australian outbacks’ un-compromising terrain and overseas destinations. The vehicles to be designed to stay independently in the outback for extended periods in remote areas whilst providing storage of clean water and fresh food.

Clients to enjoy the manufacturing process of their vehicle with professional, competent and experienced construction and management teams.

November 2016
Off road camper trailersThe all new E-Series from Kimberly Kampers is fitted with the Outback TV RV-85A.  The antenna has undergone very tough testing by Kimberly Kampers and has come through with flying Colours.

Kimberly Kampers where impressed with the 3 year warranty, the build quality, and features such as Quad LNB, 24ch GPS and fully automatic skew control of the LNB all over Australia.

Also being able to have both VAST FTA and Foxtel IQ both connected at the same time was also a bonus.

Look out for the E-Series and Outback TV at Caravan Shows around Australia

October 2016No automatic alt text available.

Halen Vans custom built off-road caravansHalen Vans have already fitted a number of Outback RV85A Antennas to their off road vans.

They have been tested all over Australia including the Kimberly's and Outback South Australia.

Halen Vans is a proudly Australian owned and operated company based in Melbourne. A combined 35 years of manufacturing experience enables us to manufacture quality off-road caravans that are suitable for the tough conditions in Australia from the coast to the outback. We build stylish vans with high quality fittings to suit our individual customers.

Halen Vans offer true custom built off-road caravans designed for 4x4 caravan camping adventures. Come in and see us and we will work with you to design the ideal floor plan to build the van of your dreams with the quality fittings and the luxury that you deserve.

MARCH 2016
Outback TV RV-85A and RV-60A Released to the Australian and New Zealand Market at a new starting price point of under $2000.00.

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